IMG_3271Risk Management Director

Robert D. Hinojosa
(956) 580-8717

Education: Received BBA in Management from Texas A&M University; graduated from Mission High School.


The City of Mission Risk Management Department is responsible for ensuring a safe workplace for all of its employees.  It accomplishes this by developing and implementing safety programs that to comply with the rules, regulations, and laws of both the state and federal government. This is carried out through the enforcement of the City Safety Program, and safety & health trainings for employees and supervisors. The department also oversees and administers the Workers’ Compensation Program.  The department also handles all claims that come in to the City.  Those claims include general liability, auto liability, auto physical, property, errors and omissions, law enforcement liability, mobile equipment, and cyber security liability.

The Risk Management Director is responsible for the following:

  • Process City of Mission workers’ compensation, property and liability claims.
  • Investigate all claims against the city.
  • Process all lawsuits where the City is named as defendant.
  • Review insurance requirements for all services provided to the City.
  • Provide direction and assistance to the planning, development and coordination of safety programs.
  • Promote a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Conduct trainings in person and online.
  • Reduce costs related to accidents and injuries through education and remediation.
  • Maintain a database information regarding accidents involving motor vehicles, city equipment, and city property and inventory.
  • Procure and schedule post-accident, random, and reasonable suspicion drug testing for City employees
  • Provide Safety Supplies to every non-Utility Fund department in the City.
  • Communicate and work with every City Director on the safety concerns of their departments.
  • Coordinate with Human Resources to create and administer protocols, procedures, education, and benefits for City of Mission employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insurance Claims Specialist

Carmen Rodriguez
(956) 580-8716