The Inspections Division is the branch of the city that reviews building permit applications for all new buildings in the city and provides inspections to assure compliance to minimum building codes. Be it from a storage shed, to a single-family residence, to apartments or convenience stores, to even multimillion-dollar hospitals or industrial complexes, the Building Inspectors are always involved in a building’s construction.

No one is exempt from inspections. Even new city buildings or those that are remodeled are required to comply with minimum codes with permits issued for the work to be performed.

For land that is newly annexed, whatever existed prior to its coming into the city limits is deemed “grandfathered” and respected so long as it remains as is. Should there be a desire to expand the “grandfathered” structure, a building permit will be required, at which time zoning is factored in with building codes and setbacks imposed. Building setbacks are minimum distances that a building must be from its property lines to assure that enough elbow room will provide a fire safety distance to buildings on neighboring lots. The front setback is deemed to be a uniform distance from the street provided more for aesthetic and front parking purposes, though. A permit is also required for any concrete/asphalt slab that has a value of $100 or more.

Mobile homes that are placed on lots or spaces are required to have a permit, too. The inspections that the Building Inspectors are required to make include but are not limited to the following: foundation, plumbing, framing, mechanical, AC, electrical, setbacks, sidewalks and buffering on new residences.

Inspections Recorder

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  • (956) 584-5161

Inspections Department

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Inspections Applications

For more information on this function of the city, call (956) 580-8691.