Mission School

The first school in Mission started in 1909. Before that, children went to school at La Lomita by riding horses or walking. The first graduating class from Mission High School was in 1915 with just four students. On exhibit are old band uniforms and sweaters, along with yearbooks

Pioneer Room

The Pioneer Room features families who first came to Mission before 1920. Also recognized are people who helped develop Mission into the lovely place it is today.


Life on the early ranches was challenging for both ranch owners and workers. In the Ranch Exhibit you can see how a chuck wagon was outfitted, and peek inside the “little house out back” that served the sanitary needs of early settlers.

Home Sweet Home

Be it ever so humble…,or not so humble, this exhibit explores the contrasts between two early Mission households; one modestly furnished, and the other with more lavish appointments.

Military Room

Exhibits in the Military Room tell the stories of several Mission veterans, including those who paid the ultimate price defending our country. Here you can see military artifacts  and memorabilia, as well as uniforms representing the various branches of military service.


Sports have been a part of Mission’s community life since the beginning. Here you can learn the story of Leo “Najo” Alaniz, who played baseball for the Mission “30-30″ team, and later for the San Antonio Bears. Exhibits also tell about Mission High School Eagles football star Tom Landry, who went on the become head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.