Health Department Director

Steven Kotsatos



The Health Department enforces City and health ordinances to ensure health and safety of the general public. The department conducts inspections of food establishments to ensure compliance with health regulations, conducts food borne illness investigations, and enforces health and sanitation ordinances. The Health department also provides food handlers classes and certification, mosquito spraying, and an on site sewage facility program. A second function of the Health Department is to provide the citizens of Mission with animal control service and to operate an animal shelter in strict compliance with all applicable state regulations.


Health Department Services (956-580-8692): 

  • Health Permits
  • Health Inspections
  • Mosquito Spraying

Animal Control Services (956-580-8741):

  • Stray animals
  • loose
  • unwanted
  • injured or dead animals
  • dog bites
  • animal adoptions
  • bee calls