Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I call for problems with Trash or debris pickup?
Contact Utility Billing & Collection department at 580-8660

When does the City Council Meet?
The 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 4:30pm at City Hall

Average Temperature – 74°F | Annual Average Rainfall – 18 inches

City Bird Couch’s King Bird
City Flower/Vine Poinsettia
City Tree Honey Mesquite
City Butterfly Queen Butterfly

City Demographics and Info at a Glance:

2010 Census: City of Mission Population 75,221

% of Hispanic Origin 84.5
% Anglo 13.5
% Male 48.3
% Female 51.7

Current Estimated Social Characteristics

 Median Age  31.5
Number of Veterans 2,657
Percent with a High School Diploma or Higher 66.7
Foreign Born 24,066