Fleet Maintenance Director

J.C. Avila 
(956) 580-8689
609 S. Canal Rd

The Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment. Vehicle and equipment repairs are coordinated and handled by this Department at a cost savings to the City, while minimizing downtime. Preventative maintenance is an important activity of this Department. Regular repairs (oil changes, tune-ups, etc.) are scheduled to keep vehicles and equipment running efficiently. Major repairs are currently contracted with Superior Oil Express. Equipment in good condition reduces downtime and increases productivity. The Fleet Department also manages and maintains fleet inventory, fleet vehicle assignment utilization, and fleet performance records. This Department provides maintenance and repairs to over 400 vehicles and heavy equipment, such as front-end loaders, vactors, and street sweepers.

Alfredo Bazan-Mechanic II

Juan Esquivel- Mechanic

Joe Rangel- Mechanic