The Street Department consists of 33 employees: a Director, 3 supervisors, 6 crew leaders, 8 heavy equipment operators, a light equipment operator and 16 laborers.

The top function of the Streets Department is to maintain all city streets and alleys in reference to potholes and deterioration. The second prioritized function of the Streets Department is to maintain the city’s entire drainage system from 10 large drain ditches and 11 detention ponds from all of the curb inlets and drainage fixtures in the City of Mission.

Other responsibilities of the Streets Department include the maintenance of traffic signal lights, sweeping all city streets, trimming trees on city rights-of-way and sidewalks, installing and maintaining all of the city street names, stop signs, speed limits, etc., and assisting code enforcement officers with the cleanup of dirty lots in city limits. In addition, the Department is responsible for minor paving of existing paved alleys and streets, sight obstruction and bridge maintenance.