Crissy Cantu, Purchasing Buyer
(956) 580-8791

Edgar E. Chapa, Contracts Administrator
(956) 580-8792

Jennifer Marentes, Procurement Specialist

Mission Statement

The Purchasing Department is the central buying agency for the City of Mission. The purpose of the Purchasing Department is to ensure that the City of Mission complies with all City Ordinances as well as the State and Federal Laws & Regulations pertaining to procurement, contracting and to assist departments with the task of purchasing by centralizing the purchasing and contracting functions of the City into one department.

The Purchasing Department will manage, facilitate and provide the highest quality, team-based, value-added procurement and ancillary support services that exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. The Purchasing Department is the primary and sole department within the city authorized to issue solicitation for bids and proposals, process and release purchase orders, and develop and maintain term contracts.

The objectives of the Purchasing Department are to expedite the operation of the City’s Departments in serving the public, to ensure fair and open competition among buyers, to acquire the highest quality merchandise at the best price, to ensure prompt deliveries, and to establish a good business relationship with all interested bidders. The Purchasing Department is made up of a team of 4 staff members who support the purchasing and procurement process for the City of Mission.

About the Purchasing Department

Departmental Duties

  • Adhere to Texas Local Government Codes, Federal Procurement Regulations, and City Policies.
  • Administer City-related travel to assure that departments adhere to policy and procedure.
  • Centralize the purchasing authority and operations.
  • Establish and enforce written purchasing policies and procedures for accountability.
  • Establish the purchasing function at the highest level of ethical standards in the organization to endure its independence from control by any department or division of the organization.
  • Facilitate open transparent communication with stakeholders.
  • Issue solicitations for bids and proposals.
  • Negotiate contract(s) and fiscal responsibilities for commodities, construction, engineering, and architectural projects for the most fair and reasonable costs.
  • Prepare and present agenda items before City Council for complex projects.
  • Prepare contractual agreements for all procurements.

Additional Tasks

  • Administer travel to assure departments adhere to policy & procedures
  • Gatekeeper to city credit cards
  • Keep records of cellular phones & pagers


  • Approximately 2,500 requisitions are entered weekly
  • Purchase orders are printed daily