The Lower Rio Grande Development Council, in cooperation with the City of Mission instituted the Mission Police Department Police Academy. This was done by joining partnership with the Lower Rio Grande Police Academy utilizing their state academy license for the purpose of implementing a Police Academy.
The Mission Police Department sponsors two Academy’s which are lead by Roland Perez. He holds the position of Police Academy Coordinator and is responsible for the growth and education of each new cadet. The mission of the Mission Police Academy is to provide the best law enforcement training available for each cadet, utilize what is gained and take that knowledge to their prospective agencies. All this is done to meet the needs of the community and to develop individual skills that allows the individual to grow and progress as peace officers to meet the challenges confronting the Rio Grande Valley.

The Mission Police Academy will remain an institution where the teaching will take place in a framework of values and ethics that is meant to strengthen all those who attend. The Mission Police Academy offers both, day and night classes to accommodate anyone who is interested in gaining a law enforcement career. Please feel free to call and see when our next Academy is scheduled.

For information about the Mission Police Academy contact:

Kimberly Lozano (LRGVDC) (956) 682-3481 ext 194