The Communications Bureau serves as the information center of the Mission Police Department. Many times, citizens’ first contact with a member of the Mission Police Department is made when they call our communications center. Dispatchers are trained to handle all types of calls from non-emergencies to life threatening situations. Upon receiving a call dispatchers must decide the appropriate agency or service that needs to be called upon.

Our dispatchers are responsible to answering several telephone lines, 911 Emergency lines, monitoring up to 8 police radio channels all while dispatching officers to calls for service.

We have a staff of 15 Communications Officers who man the Communications Center 24 hours a day.

Police Services
(956) 584-5000

Dial 911

Dial 311

To assure proper response to your needs please keep the following information in mind when calling 9-1-1:

  1. Be prepared to explain the nature of the emergency and the location or address where the emergency is taking place, provide cross-streets if known.
  2. Provide the dispatcher your name, address and phone number.
  3. Tell the dispatcher how many people are injured (if applicable) and the severity of their injuries.
  4. Providing as much information as possible will help us to more quickly determine the most appropriate response to an emergency situation.