Bentsen State Park
P.O. Box 988
Mission, TX 78573-0988
(956) 585-1107

A gem in the state parks system, the park received new nature trails and boardwalks, an observation tower and extensive wildlife habitat restoration to improve birding, as well as the park’s natural beauty as it was transformed into the World Birding Center Headquarters. Bentsen State Park also has a bilingual exhibit hall, gift shop, coffee bar, meeting room and administrative offices. Through a partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, adjacent federal land not currently open to the public will become part of an expanded park trail system. Hundreds of acres will be restored through re-vegetation with native plants and through careful water management; heavy irrigation will mimic natural flooding patterns. Counting state and federal lands, the bird habitat will double from about 600 acres to more than 1,300 acres. Programming is already under way with spring & fall hawk watches, birding walks and tours. The World Birding Center Headquarters building is at the entrance to Bentsen State Park.

The river-bottom woodland habitat attracts most of the “Valley specialties.” A butterfly garden is planted close to the boat ramp. Possible species include White-tipped Dove, Green Jay, Altamira Oriole and Plain Chachalaca. Butterflies include: Red-bordered Metalmark, Common Mestra, Soldier, Empress Leilia and Tawny Emperor.

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