Anzalduas International Bridge
Mission, TX

After years of planning and proposals, construction of the Anzalduas International Bridge in South Mission is under way. In March 2006, the cities of Mission, McAllen and Hidalgo received the diplomatic note from Mexico to the U.S., commencing the construction of the Anzalduas crossing. Construction has already begun, with the bridge scheduled to open soon.

The Anzalduas Bridge, which will be located 3 miles up the Rio Grande from the Hidalgo-Reynosa Bridge, will connect Mission with the western outskirts of Reynosa. It will provide cross-border commuters with two southbound and northbound lanes, as well as a pedestrian crossing.

Anzalduas will provide high-tech technology, which is expected not only to improve crossing traffic, but may increase the number of people from Mexico who often visit our area. The Valley has always depended heavily on cross-border trade. This new crossing will boost trade with Monterrey because it is a quicker and safer route. By cutting travel time, it will be the most efficient way for business traffic from northern Mexico to reach the United States.