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Mission TX – Summer Tips For Your Pets

Keep your dogs safe on the 4th of July

The Fourth of July, is festive for human beings but a harrowing night for our furry friends. It is natural for dogs to be afraid of loud noises. The sounds trigger their nervous systems, and they can become anxious or afraid. To your dog, the experience of fireworks is different than other loud noises. Fireworks are closer to the ground, more vibrant, and are accompanied by flashes and burning smells. Recent findings show the positive effects tof CBD for dogs for a multitude of health conditions including pain management and anxiety reduction. You can consult your holistic vet to find out the right dosage for your pet and prevent the little one from having an anxiety attack.

Avoiding Heat Stroke, Dehydration in Dogs, Cats

“It’s summertime and the living is easy,” or so goes the Sam Cooke song. Summertime means fun, sun, and hopefully lots of play outdoors. But as much fun as summer can be for you and your pet, there are a few safety tips that will hopefully make the warmest of all seasons safe and carefree for all concerned.

Apply Sunscreen

That’s right, you should apply sunscreen on your if he or she spends more than just a few minutes outside everyday in the hot summer sun. Pets with light skin and short or thin hair coat are particularly prone to sunburn or skin cancer. The sunscreen should be fragrance free, non-staining, and contain UVA and UVB barriers similar to sunscreens made for humans. Consult your veterinarian, but there are some sunscreens available made specifically for pets.

Provide Plenty of Water, Plenty of Shade

Dehydration in dogs and cats is a real possibility during the summer, especially if your pet is the type to run and play outside for extended periods without drinking sufficient water. Telltale signs of dehydration include dry gums, loss of skin elasticity, excessive drooling. Don’t let it come to this. Give your active pet plenty of playtime breaks in the shade with access to fresh water.

Make sure you have an Air Purifier

Even if we are concerned about our pets, we also have to think about our own health during this season every odor intensifies due to the heat so try to find the best air purifier for pets out there so it can get rid of any skin flakes, saliva and urine in the air. This guide on showcases the achievable results, statistics and benefits of air purifiers used properly.

Don’t Leave ‘Fluffy’ in the Car

You may think leaving your pet in a car for a few minutes is no big deal, but it can quickly lead to heat stroke in dogs and cats. In bright sunshine, your car acts like an oven, becoming much hotter inside than the outside air even. In fact, on a sunny 70 degree day, your car can heat up to over 100 degrees within minutes. So, either take your pet with you or leave him or her at home during shopping trips.

Watch for Unknown Grassy Knolls

Pets love to run, play and just investigate grassy areas. But did you know many lawns are treated with fertilizers and pesticides during the summer? Keep your pet safe this summer by keeping them off unknown grassy areas or find a safe spot in your neighborhood or city, like a dog park. Remember, not all grass is created equal.

Avoid Antifreeze

Even though antifreeze is something to watch out for year round, cars tend to overheat more and leak antifreeze during the summer, also don’t forget to check info on the car reg and finance explain if you are looking for a new car. Pets find it delicious and even in very small amounts antifreeze is poisonous to dogs and cats. So be attentive when walking your dog around the neighborhood or letting your outdoor cat roam the streets.