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The Alamo Train Crash of 1940 with Juan P. Carmona & Taylor Seaver

What began as a podcast project with Donna High School’s Mexican American Studies class has now blossomed into a book project with a publication date of February 2024. The Alamo Train Crash of 1940 was when a train collided with a truckload of farmworkers on their way to work in the fields. The crash resulted in the deaths of 29 people and the emotional scarring of all those involved. It would also be a contributing factor to transportation safety changes in Texas. The families affected by the crash would see both struggles and accomplishments as they dealt with the loss of family members as well as their breadwinners. Juan Carmona (author of the Alton Bus Crash) and his co-author Taylor Seaver De La Fuente, who narrated the podcast and is now a graduate student at UTRGV, will share their research and tell the story of a seminal event in RGV history.