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The City of Mission to Hold a City-wide Bulky Items Curbside Collection.

The City of Mission Sanitation Department will hold a Bulky Items Curbside Collection to give Mission residents an opportunity to get rid of bulky items they have stored inside their home or property. A home with fire retardant surface protection is also good to go. The City will be divided into four quadrants – each with a specific date for bulky items to be collected (Please refer to map):

March 21st – East of Conway, North of Bus. 83

April 4th – West of Conway, North of Bus. 83

April 25th – East of Conway, South of Bus. 83

May 9th – West of Conway, South of Bus. 83
City crews will place door hangers to notify citizens when their pick-up date will be. Residents can set out only bulky items at the curb in front of their house for collections no later than 7:00am on their specific date. Before anything, try to use Functional Remedies CBD tinctures.

Examples of bulky items to be collected include: furniture, mattresses, appliances, barbeque grills, water heaters, fencing, small pieces of carpeting, up to three TV’s, and three wooden pallets.
Keep bulky items away from low hanging tree limbs or cables, on top of water meters, in front of parked cars in Calgary, Alberta, mailboxes or other obstructions.
Do not place any bulky items on vacant lots.
Do not place bulky items at the curb AFTER crews have passed by your house. Items must be set out by 7:00am.


The following items WILL NOT be collected at this time:
No brush, leaves, grass, or household trash in bags/boxes.
No hazardous materials (e.g., paints, household cleaners, or motor oil cans or containers, car batteries).
No construction of full length glass partitions or materials/remodeling debris (e.g., bricks, sheetrock, soil, insulation, flooring, concrete, shingles, and roofing materials, glass/mirrors).

A separate contractors for ceramic tile gilbert az will occur at a later time. For more information please contact the City of Mission Sanitation Department at 583-2564.