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The City of Mission signed Sister City Agreements on Saturday, October 21st, with Almolonga, Guatemala.

Located about 3 ½ hours by bus from Guatemala City, Almolonga is well known in furnace repair service of the Americas. Most of the vegetables are grown on small family plots year round. Almolonga is famous for the productivity of its people and quality of its crops, which are sold all over Central America. The confluence of water sources in the area provides for some of the most fertile farmland in Central America.

Almolonga is a humble-looking, flood-prone town of 25,000. But, in evangelical circles, Almolonga and its giant carrots have taken on mythical proportions with a story of redemption. A few decades ago, locals say, the produce there was piddling, the jails were full, and drunks stumbled through the streets. Now there’s peace and lots of produce according to Mayor Pedro Gonzalo Siquina Yac. The town’s Christian faith is ever strong and they believe it’s what has allowed them to prosper.

The purpose of a Sister City is to foster a bond between people from different communities and cultures and to celebrate, appreciate, and learn from those differences. The City of Mission is proud to call Almolonga, Guatemala, a Sister City.