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The City of Mission is seeking input regarding city-wide interest in a Voluntary Recycling Program.

At the request of several individuals, organizations, and school groups, the City of Mission is seeking input regarding city-wide interest in an optional Voluntary Recycling Program – which would include cardboard, plastic, and paper.

The City is considering a fee of no more than $8 dollars a month for a Voluntary Curbside Recycling Service. We value our Community being clean and know the benefits of recycling – including reducing the landfill, saving energy, and supplying valuable raw materials to industries.

Currently, the City of Mission provides Mobile Recycling Trailers for public drop-off at Lion’s Park (1500 Kika de la Garza Loop) and at the Sanitation Department (105 Abelino Farias). If the demand is larger, we would be able to add additional locations for community drop-offs.

The proposed Recycling Program is strictly voluntary. ONLY citizens interested in the convenience of curbside service would pay the $8.00 monthly fee. Citizens can still recycle for FREE by taking their materials to the designated areas within the City or deliver directly to the City of McAllen.

Materials collected by the City of Mission are being taken to the City of McAllen and we do not receive payment for the items. There is still a cost associated for the City of Mission to collect and transport to McAllen’s Recycling Center.

Please check your water bill and provide us your feedback. If you pay your bill online, you can provide your feedback by calling 580-8660 – they will take the account or street address and the response.

Thank you for your help and interest!