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The August deadline to become a member of this year’s Leadership Mission is quickly approaching.


Here is how Leadership Mission describes its mission:

Purpose – It is the purpose of Leadership Mission to provide potential leaders with the knowledge necessary to effectively participate in Mission’s future; to prepare them for positions of public decision making; to acquaint them with Mission’s history, demography, assets, needs and opportunities; to provide a forum to discuss community issues and above all, to challenge and stimulate participants.

Objectives – Identify & Motivate potential leaders from the total population of the City of Mission.
Provide a leadership information program for Mission’s potential leaders.
Expose these potential leaders to opportunities and issues within the City.
Introduce Mission’s potential leaders to both frontline and behind-the-scenes decision makers and encourage discussion & debate.
Build realistic understandings of the role of leadership in Mission.
Encourage Mission’s potential leaders to take active roles in the community.
Establish an alumni association to sustain Leadership Mission and provide a forum for ongoing and future discussion of community issues.