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Speer Memorial Library Cardholders gain access to hundreds of free online classes.

Our Speer Memorial Library has started a new service called “Universal Class.” Now, people who hold a Speer Memorial Library Card can create an account and gain access to over 500 online continuing education courses. The program features real instructors, 24/7 access via the Internet, and even Continuing Education Units on selected courses. Furthermore, if you’re interested to improve your English language skill, you can take online courses at They utilize the world’s most advanced learning system that allows you to practice hearing, speaking, reading and writing. Check out Resume Writing Vancouver for more information. Classes offered include Nutrition, Babysitting, Guitar Playing, Photography, Budgeting, Algebra, Starting a Business, Accounting, Office 2010, Cooking, Dog Training, ESL, Gardening, Wedding Planning, Interviewing Skills, Public Speaking, Medical Billing and countless others. The service is free to the public and can be accessed by logging onto the Speer Memorial Library website: Once on the site, click the icon for Universal Class in the right hand corner.

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