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REMINDER: Mission Voters heading to the Polls will notice “Proposition A” – the 190 Million Dollar Drainage Bond – on the ballot. The City of Mission Mayor and City Council are IN SUPPORT of “Proposition A” to improve our drainage system.

Hidalgo Co. released this statement explaining the need for Proposition A:

“A series of extreme rain events during the summer of 2018 resulted in severe flooding across Hidalgo County, causing millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses. In an effort to initiate necessary drainage system improvements, Hidalgo County Drainage District No.1 Board of Directors approved a bond election for November 6, 2018. Hidalgo County voters will be able to consider a proposed bond issuance in the amount of $190 million to fund projects that will help to mitigate the impact of future flooding events.

The 38 proposed bond projects include the four county precincts, and aim to improve, upgrade and expand existing components of the county’s drainage system, as well as add components to the system which will help to move flood waters from storms more efficiently.

“Our drainage system was initially developed to sufficiently handle agricultural runoff from storms. With the county’s ever-increasing population and subsequent development, we must expand and enhance our current system to accommodate the growth,” said District Manager Raul E. Sesin, P.E., C.F.M. “These projects will make considerable improvements to the system and will lessen the impact of future flooding events.” “