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Our Mission Police Department recognized three young Sharyland Pioneer High School students for their heroic, quick thinking!

Three Sharyland Pioneer High School students received a “Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action” from the Mission Police Department after their quick actions helped prompt medical attention for their school security guard.

Students Jaime Cortina, Matias Montes, and Rigoberto Reyes came upon the school security guard seconds after she collapsed on campus due to a medical emergency where she was patrolling.

Senior Rigoberto Reyes ran quickly towards the cafeteria to summon the Asst. Principal, who was on lunch duty.  Junior Jaime Cortina and Freshman Matias Montes located the guard’s radio under a table and Matias repeatedly shouted “Emergency! Emergency!” until the administrative and security staff arrived.  

The students’ swift actions allowed medical personnel to arrive within minutes.  

Mission Police Officers met with the parents to speak about their sons’ heroic efforts and issued the “Certificates of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action,” along with framed, printed Mission Police badges signed by Mission Officers. 

The school principal commented on the boys’ unselfish actions and willingness to help someone in need, contrary to a world where teenagers are depicted as uninterested and uninvolved.  The boys were overwhelmed with the praise and commented, “Everything happened so fast!  It was a tense situation but we knew we had to do something.”

Thankfully, we have residents like Rigoberto, Jaime and Matias living in the City of Mission!