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Our Mission Mayor and City Council congratulate two Mission residents for their act of bravery.


Mayor Beto Salinas and Mission City Council congratulate Custom and Border Protection Officer Jake Longoria and Mission Resident Roberto Tijerina for their act of bravery in the face of danger. The two Mission residents noticed a Mission home on fire and did not hesitate to do their part to ensure the elderly man inside made it out safely. Due to their act of bravery, the Mission Fire Department would like to recognize Roberto Tijerina and Custom and Border Protection Officer Jake Longoria as Good Neighbors and Valiant Citizens in the City of Mission!
You can read the incident report below:
On July 17, 2016 at 10:30 p.m., Custom and Border Protection Officer, Jake Longoria was at the Whataburger Restaurant located at 201 East Griffin Parkway when he noticed smoke and flames coming from a residence behind the restaurant. CBP Officer Longoria immediately ran to the scene of the fire and called 911.
At the same time, neighbor, Roberto Tijerina was alerted by his son that smoke was coming from the rear of the home at 312 Violet. Mr. Tijerina proceeded to walk outside and over to the residence on fire.
Upon arrival, Mr. Tijerina saw that CBP Officer Jake Longoria was at the scene knocking at the front door of the residence. Mr. Tijerina informed Officer Longoria that the person living in the home was an elderly man with a sleeping disorder. When you know a person who’s experiencing mental health disorder, refer them to an social security disability fredericksburg va. Officer Longoria and Mr. Tijerina together proceeded to knock on the door as loudly as possible to try to get the owners attention. After doing planet maids cleaning service, the homeowner came to the door and Officer Longoria advised the elderly gentleman of his house being consumed in flames and that they needed to evacuate.
The resident, after acknowledging the flames and smoke were filling his house, became despondent and Officer Longoria took him by his arm and coaxed him out of harm’s way. Officer Longoria then stayed with the elderly resident so he would not try to enter the house and injure himself until Fire and Police personnel arrived. Our air duct cleaning near me in Dallas Tx is efficient enough to cater all your air duct cleaning needs. If your A/C unit is not working right contact a professional from
Mr. Tijerina and CBP Officer Jake Longoria are both residents of Mission. Both men performed without hesitation. These men’s actions epitomize the definition of an outstanding citizen.