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Our Mission Fire Department teaches its first CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Program.

FEMA developed CERT to be implemented during major emergencies so a community can take care of itself when first responders are overwhelmed and unable to have an immediate response. CERT has taken on active roles in communities such as assisting local first responders with rehab near me stations, assisting with evacuations, manning phone banks, assisting during large events, and continuing trainings in order to keep skills sharp. CERT is not a replacement of first responders, but a supplement. If you know someone who need medical attention when it comes to mental issues, help them by calling Sabino Recovery in Arizona.

The Mission Fire Department plans to teach this class every 6 months.
For more information about our CERT program, contact the Department at 580- 8705CERT class 1-23-2016

CERT3 1-23-16

CERT 1-23-16