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Our Mission Fire Department reminds residents to check smoke detectors.

Fire department has smoke detectors available for homeowners

Mission, TX- The Mission Fire Department is reminding residents, now is a good time to test your smoke detector. 

“Whether it is the first of the month, or we are changing our clocks, we’re encouraging folks in the area to make sure that their smoke alarms are working,” Mission Fire Capt. Christopher Navarrete said. “For your protection and the safety of your family, it is never a bad time to check your smoke detectors and make sure they are functioning properly.”

The National Fire Protection Association estimates three of every five home fire deaths, are in homes with no working smoke detector.

Mission Fire is hoping to lower that risk by having a FREE smoke alarm program available to citizens. The only prerequisites are that a resident reside in a privately owned home and have a genuine need for assistance.

“It is the vision of the Mission Fire Department that every home and every citizen in our city limits be protected by at least one smoke alarm,” Navarrete said. “This program is just one way to keep our community safe and we are glad to do it.”

Capt. Navarrete said it is also a good idea to check the expiration date on a smoke detector. If the date on the back of the detector is more than ten years ago, it is time to replace it. 

There is a limit of three smoke detectors per household, to any Mission resident in need. To participate in this program, or for more information please contact the Mission Fire Prevention Bureau at 956-580-8711 for more information.