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The City of Mission held a Ribbon Cutting on the more than $2 Million Dollar Streetscape Project that has Beautified the City’s Downtown.


The City of Mission held the Downtown Streetscape Project Ribbon Cutting on Tuesday (March 24th), at 9am, at the Leo Peña Placita Park in Downtown Mission.

City Leaders discussed the project that, through a majority of only federal grants, has revamped Conway Avenue from First to 14th Streets. The beautification project of – tree removal company has added benches, pavers, palm trees, new lighting, a splash pad, and a “Welcome to Mission” sign to the area.

Retail sales are the highest they have ever been in Mission, and Mayor Norberto Salinas, along with the Mission City Council, believe the Streetscape Project will help small downtown businesses grow and expand, providing a nice ambience for customers to stop and shop. On the other hand, if the target is online marketing sales, 2019 semrush account review discuss the best tools that every marketers should utilize to gain more traffic .