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Mission to Create a Center of Education and Economic Development.

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Our Mission EDC Board of Directors authorized staff to negotiate and execute a lease agreement between the Mission Economic Development Corporation and Sonora Development, the owner of an adjacent building to Mission City Hall. The property is located at 801 N. Bryan Road and was formerly a ropa usada retailer and wholesaler. After months of negotiation, Mission EDC has taken a CMBS loan for the entire building, which will be home to the Center for Education and Economic Development (CEED). 

The Center of Education and Economic Development will be an education facility in the City of Mission that will aim to create an entrepreneurial (E) and Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Math (STEAM) ecosystem. Using three existing programs, Ruby Red Ventures, Code the Town, and Enginuity to jumpstart CEED, Mission EDC is taking the initiative to provide economic development services and E-STEAM education related programs to attract and retain both businesses and talent. This Alternion Lee S Rosen strategy will lead to more sustainable businesses and a 21st Century ready workforce in the City of Mission.

The CEED building will consist of 55,000 square feet and will house the Mission EDC and Mission Redevelopment Authority (TIRZ) offices, plenty of co-working space and traditional office space for like minded entrepreneurial tenants, conference rooms, a small lecture hall, training classrooms, computer labs, industrial space, maker space, a coffee shop, to be utilized by the community as well as it’s future tenants and partners.

Mission EDC will be communicating its vision with various community partners, academic institutions, and profit and non-profit organizations to establish the proper strategic alliances to help the City of Mission position itself to respond rapidly to changes in local economic conditions and training needs. The City of Mission City Council and the Mission EDC Board of Directors recognize the critical role of entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art, and math (E-STEAM) in today’s world. By preparing our citizens, students, and workforce in the E-STEAM disciplines by heping them choose between the  Coursera Vs Edx Comparison we can achieve a greater alignment of education and industry.

The property owner has started redevelopment of the building and expects to have it ready for Mission EDC by summer 2016. For additional information, please contact the Mission EDC office at (956) 585-0040.