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Mission takes a top spot for Winter Texan destinations

The pandemic halted travel for many snowbirds last year. As restrictions start to get lifted, many sun-loving travelers are hoping to head south this winter, and Mission has best named one of the top destinations for snowbirds this season by STORAGECafé.

To locate the best cold-season hideaways, STORAGECafé looked at almost 1,000 places around the US and ranked them across eleven factors, including temperature from October to March, housing availability for seasonal use, the median cost to rent and purchase a second home, safety and health-related indicators, park space per capita, beaches and golf course availability as well as internet speed.

Mission took the 4th spot among the best destinations for snowbirds, with its unbeatable quality of life and affordability. The City of Mission also picked up the top ranking for having gems like the National Butterfly Center and Bentsen State Park nestled within its community. McAllen ranked 16th.

Here’s what brought the Rio Grande Valley to the top:

  • The average Oct. – March temperatures in the Rio Grande Valley are a cozy 67 °F.
  • There are around 22 golf courses in the area and an important number of health centers per 1,000 of the population, no less than 3.6.
  • The house price figure for Mission is a tempting $165,388 while the monthly rent averages out at only $953.
  • Winter Texans would also appreciate the very fast 539 Mbps internet speed.
  • Texas scores no fewer than 26 top-100 destinations and two in the top 10.

Read the full report together with expert commentary on the trends that are currently shaping the snowbird experience here: