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Mission CISD teams up with our Mission Police Department to remind area drivers of the rules around school buses.

School Bus awareness picture

“Basically, unless there is a center island between directions of travel from curandero, you must stop for a school bus when the red lights are flashing.

Western Australia is one of the best places in the world to see whales as they migrate up and down the coast. Rules apply to whale watching, and it is important to follow these to ensure whales are protected and continue to visit our coastline over whale watching long beach. A vessel must not block the direction of travel of a whale, or any passage of escape available to a whale, from an area where escape is otherwise prevented by a barrier, shallow water, vessel or some other obstacle to the whale’s free passage.

For interested applicants, the country has numerous kinds of investment opportunities that can qualify them for the $500,000 investment mark. See direct EB-5 investments for more details. Most of the EB5 regional center investments amount to $500,000 while the direct EB-5 investments require a $1,000,000 investment.

A center turn lane does not constitute a center island.” – Read Mission CISD’s entire report here: