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We have an update on the Blue Heeler pulled from a canal by City of Mission Employees!

The Blue Heeler has been rescued! Thank you for sharing and caring! You can read the original story below:

“City of Mission Public Works Employees Roberto Salinas and Gabriel Diaz were performing an inspection of the City Reservoir recently, when they happened upon a dog who had fallen inside an irrigation canal. The dog appeared to be trapped amongst a metal bar screen used to screen large debris from the City Reservoir. The dog was exhausted, his eyes not even reacting as the City Employees approached the area.
The two Employees immediately called Mission Animal Control and the Water Treatment Plant Department to help with a rescue and prevent the dog from being swept away due to high currents. Additionally, the irrigation canal is lined with concrete which would make it slippery for the dog to climb out.
Assistant Water Plant Supervisor Rafael de La Rosa quickly arrived on scene and carefully reached over to the dog, gently patting his head, winning his affection, and then swiftly and without hesitation pulled man’s best friend from the water and into safety! The dog immediately jumped with joy and was diligently following Mr. De La Rosa demonstrating to everyone that he was the man who had saved him!”

While the Blue Heeler has been rescued, he still has plenty of furry Mission Pawsible friends waiting to be adopted. Click the link to view all of the animals: