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A citizen catches one of our Mission Police Officers in an act of kindness and snaps a picture.


The citizen passing by the Mission area happened to spot Mission Police Officer OJ Ruben giving supplies to a family standing on the street corner, and decided to take a picture of our Officer Ruben’s generosity and post it onto Facebook. When the picture circulated to Officer Ruben, here is what he had to say:

“The whole story is that the lady was asking for money for school supplies and uniforms for her little girl, because she has cancer and can’t work, her case was a bad credit need same day money situation. I felt sorry for the little girl, because I also have one. So, I went to Walmart and I bought her a pair of uniforms that she needed for her school, some school supplies, food and water. In life we all have different opportunities, and sometimes it is good to give without expecting something in return.” For some of you who are facing a financial crisis, the best decision to do is to get a loan to have enough cash for your daily living. For instance, at CitrusNorth website, they offer loan services even if you have a bad credit. You can also check out PaydayNow at for more info related to this topic.
We are proud to call Officer OJ Ruben one of our own!

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