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Mission launches mass notification system

Mission, TX- In critical situations, speed matters. For that reason, the City of Mission is launching a mass notification system to inform residents when and if an emergency arises.

“If we are in a situation, where we have time-sensitive information that our citizens need to know, the Everbridge Mass Notification System will be essential,” City Manager Randy Perez said. “It’s a simple, powerful tool to send out meaningful information, to keep our residents safe and informed.”

The City could send notifications regarding severe weather, flooding, gas leaks, police and fire activity, traffic incidents and more.The information is shared quickly and effectively with residents.

The mass notification prioritizes ease-of-use, allowing users at all levels to quickly and easily send emergency communications through an intuitive user interface. The Everbridge Mass Notification with Incident Communications enables the City of Mission to keep residents informed before, during and after critical events.

“This emergency management app will provide a secure way to broadcast communications to keep our citizens well-versed on crucial things happening. In an emergency, seconds count,” Emergency Management Coordinator James Cardoza said. “Residents can choose to receive the information via text, a phone call or an email, whatever is easier for them. It’s a great way to communicate quickly, easily and broadly to a diverse audience.”

The Everbridge App is available in the App store and the Play Store. Residents can search “Mission,” and fill out some brief contact information to sign up and stay connected with accurate and real time information.