To comply with CDC safety and hygiene protocols, operating businesses and organizations that plan to participate in the “Retail to Go” option must submit a Work Safe Plan to the City of Mission.

As owner, operator, or representative of a business or organization that will operate in the “Retail to Go,” format will adhere to the following: 

  • As part of his plan to reopen Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has loosened restrictions on non-essential retailers and services beginning April 24, 2020. Businesses that are not essential but can provide their product or services through pickup, delivery, by mail or direct delivery to the customer’s doorstep will be allowed, but may not enter the premises.

Retail to-go:  

  • All payments should be done over the phone or internet if possible, and contact should be minimized if remote payment is not available. 
  • Purchased items should be delivered by the employee to the backseat or trunk of the customer’s vehicle whenever possible to minimize physical contact with the customer. 
  • Employees must wash or sanitize their hands after each interaction with a customer, and whenever possible, must disinfect any item that came into contact with the customer.

Retail delivery to customer’s doorstep: 

  • All payments should be done over the phone or internet if possible, and contact should be minimized if remote payment is not available.
  • Purchased items should be delivered by an employee or thirdparty carrier and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. The employee or third-party carrier may not enter the customer’s house or business.

Retail delivery by mail:  

  • All payments must be done over the phone or internet. 
  • Purchased items should be delivered by mail without customer contact.
  • The customer should wash or sanitize their hands after the transaction. 


  • To the maximum extent possible, this business/organization WILL ensure that all customers and all employees stay at least six feet away from each other at all times. 
  • The business/organization must adhere to the facial covering mandate. All employees must wear facial coverings when interacting with the public.
  • The company/business must follow the curfew mandate set forth by Hidalgo County. No business shall be conducted between the hours of 11pm-5am. 
  • This business/organization must also provide sanitation supplies accessible and available to all employees such as disinfectants, hand sanitizers comprised of at least 60% alcohol, and soap.
  • If an employee reports possible exposure, or reports or shows symptoms of COVID-19, this business/organization WILL send the employee home and sanitize the employee’s work area.
  • This business/organization WILL mandate that employees clean and sanitize work areas, including vehicles, at least twice during the workday. 
  • This business/organization WILL perform thorough cleaning/sanitation of all common areas and surface areas at least once during the workday.
  • Before beginning work, this business/organization WILL screen all employees and send home any employee who:
    • Shows signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and low-grade fever, or 
    • In the previous 14 days has had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19; is under investigation for COVID-19, or is ill with a respiratory illness.

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