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The City of Mission’s International Sister City of Francisco I. Madero, Mexico, gives back to the community through the children.

Francisco I. Madero, Coahuila, donated two weeks of Taekwondo instructors to the Boys and Girls Club of Mission, free of charge to the kids.

The Sister City instructors (Prof. Sinue Valenzuela and Prof. Humberto Cantu) not only provided a fun way to keep Mission children fit, they provided an avenue to teach the kids self-confidence, discipline, and self control, while building leadership skills and character.

Throughout its Sister City relationship, Mission has provided Francisco I. Madero with a number of economic and humanitarian donations, including donating a fire truck and bullet proof vests, and Mission is currently in the process of donating a street sweeper. These are all items that are no longer of service to the City, but are of great necessity to Francisco I. Madero.

The benefits, however, have been mutual. In return, the Sister City has provided Mission with cultural and educational exchanges, including featuring various art exhibits at the Mission Historical Museum, and participating in the Texas Citrus Fiesta and Dia De los Muertos events – providing Folklorico dancers, and costumes, refreshments, and altars. The Taekwondo instructors also raffled-off 30 hand-embroidered Taekwondo uniforms to the kids of the Boys and Girls Club of Mission.

The purpose of a Sister City is to foster a bond between people from different communities and cultures and to celebrate and appreciate those differences. Mission appreciates the bond the two cities have forged.


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