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Our Mission Police Department installs a CVS Pharmacy Drop Box to discard of prescription medications.

The Uniting Neighbors in Drug Abuse Defense (UNIDAD) Coalition, a program of Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas, in partnership with the Mission Police Department received a grant from CVS Pharmacy to install a permanent prescription medication drop box at the Mission Police Department.

Mission PD and the UNIDAD Coalition aim to help residents of Hidalgo County safely dispose of expired, unused or unwanted medication. The community will now have a permanent safe drug disposal alternative, no questions asked, at their local police department, see more here about the only circumstance in which drugs and cannabis are allowed. Furthermore, in case you want to cure drug addiction of your loved one, consider the single gender rehab for men of It is a safe and intimate place where the true transformative work towards recovery can begin. The goal is to reduce the availability of prescribed medication for recreational use, which has resulted in addiction, intoxication, and overdoses. In Hidalgo County, there were nearly 848 reports of dangerous exposure to prescription medication made to the Texas Poison Center Network from 2009 to 2014; the majority of cases have been reported to occur at the home of residence.

This strategy provides an opportunity to educate the community about the dangers that prescription medications pose if left unwanted in homes or improperly discarded, as well as the decrease of water contamination due to pharmaceutical medications being flushed down the drains in homes. More importantly this prescription medication drop box will allow for a reduction of access to addictive medications for accidental or intentional misuse by children or others at home.