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Our Boys and Girls Club of Mission hands out several scholarships to students across Mission and Sharyland High Schools.

A scholarship is financial support awarded to a student, based on academic achievement or other criteria that may include financial need, of the purpose of schooling.

There are always donor from different schools funding  different types of scholarships, depending in the career and merit, some are just for financial need people to help them have an opportunity to study their future career.  There are special ones like the grants and scholarships for left handed students, the left handed scholarship which would fall under the unusual category, given to the students who meet the criteria and they are awarded depending on the grant the cost for tuition, books, room and any expense tied to educational studies through the university. Essay writing contest is an important part of selecting the scholarship holders.

In all, The Boys and Girls Club gave 16 scholarships to students from Mission, Mission Veterans, Sharyland, and Sharyland Pioneer High Schools. The one thousand dollar scholarships will help the students reach their college goals. We wish them the best in their future endeavors!

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