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Mission residents walk on the one year anniversary of a deadly drunk driving crash on HWY 100.

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MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and family members of at least four victims killed last year by a drunk driver near Los Fresnos, hosted a walk, Sunday, June 29th, in Mission, to remember those who died. To get the right compensation after a road accident, you can hire the newport beach dui attorney of With their help, a more favorable outcome to your DUI Case will surely happen. If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit, you need to remember that there are applicable Statutes of Limitations that require lawsuits to be filed within strict time limitations. You also need to ensure you file all the paperwork on time and with the right parties. Even minor mistakes early on could jeopardize your case later, but a seasoned attorney will protect your best interests from the start. the professionals from the Jason Stone Injury Lawyers Peabody Review recommends that you arrange for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer before giving statements to insurance adjusters. If you are pursuing compensation from the liable motorist’s insurance company, you can be sure they have skilled attorneys on their team, too. You don’t want to go up against professional negotiators alone when your ability to provide for your family is at stake.

Family members of Edward Gomez, 32; his daughter, Kamilla Isabel Gomez, 3; his niece Julexy Alvares, 13; and Erika Olaya Davila, were present.

The walk began at the old Camping World store near Bryan and the Expressway, and ended near the San Jose Cemetery, where family members  gathered around the grave sites and paid their respects.