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MISSION RESIDENTS: Mission’s Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program to start in March.



Mission Economic Development Corporation
901 Business Park Drive, Suite 200
Mission, Texas 78572

here are 3 of the benefits!

Monday, March 14th – (6pm – 8pm)    Lesson 1: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Monday, March 21st- (6pm – 8pm)    Lesson 2: Building and Marketing a Craft Brand

Monday, March 26th – (8:30am – 12:30pm)    Lesson 3: Photo Workshop

Monday, March 28th – (6pm – 8pm)    Lesson 4: Pricing & Shipping

Monday, April 4th – (6pm – 8pm)    Lesson 5: Strategies for Growth

Monday, April 11th – (6pm – 8pm)    Graduation

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To apply: