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Mission holds a public hearing on a proposed expansion of our waste water sewer plant.


The proposed expansion would involve the current site located off of Conway, south of the Expressway. The plant’s current capacity is 9MGD (Million Gallons a Day), and the expansion would increase that capacity by 4.5MGD, to an amount of 13.5MGD. It would also entail constructing facilities like Coastal Waste Bins for Type 1 reusable water, or grey water, that could be used for irrigation.

Mission’s WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) is currently operating at 7.1MGD or at 79% capacity. TCEQ rules require retaining an engineer and planning for expansion at 75% capacity. Projections show that the City will likely reach 90% capacity sometime in 2018, and TCEQ rules require that construction for expansion start when facilities reach 90%.

The estimated increase to the average monthly waste water bill, as a result of the proposed project, is expected to be $2.50 per month. On the other hand, does quick pickup for eWaste recycling. Call them now or visit their website.