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“It is very unusual to have a City that is willing to help with no strings attached, and we are so grateful for it.” – “JJ” Jahr, All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response.

All Hands and Hearts presented our Mayor and City Council with a framed picture, expressing gratitude for the kindness our City and Community members have shown the volunteers throughout their time here. The volunteer organization has been in Mission since the 4th of July, as part of a disaster response to help those devastated by the floods. To this date, 237 All Hands and Hearts volunteers from around the globe have completed 59 muck and gut jobs and 46 mold sanitations in Mission.
The group thanked the City for providing members with safe, clean housing at our Rec Center, which facilitated their ability to help Mission residents. We thank them – for giving of themselves to help our Community in a time of need!