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428 animals have been adopted/rescued and saved through our Mission Pawsible Program in the last 5 months, alone.

Before Mission Pawsible, Mission averaged 8 adoptions a month; With the creation of our Mission Pawsible Program, the City now averages 60 to 70! This is thanks to our community of animal lovers who continue to spread the word about our Mission Pawsible Page. Contact our Top Personal Injury Attorneys if you have any personal injury issues, we would like to help you! In addition learn more about dog park saftey to prevent dog bite accidents.

We are also grateful to the nearly 30 rescue organizations who are rescuing and sending our animals all over the country! One of those rescuers is Nathalie Watteau with Paw Stories, who is also on our Mission Pawsible Advisory Board. More information here. Watteau recommends community members help by: spaying/neutering pets, and donating necessary items (wet/dry food, flea and tick prevention medicine, dewormer, bedding, etc.).

For more information on how you can help, please contact our Mission Pawsible Program at 580-8741 and visit:

Adoption is FREE. New family members must simply provide a rabies vaccination and sterilization.