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Mission toughens up on illegal dumping

Mission, TX- As part of an initiative to keep Mission neighborhoods clean and safe, the Mission City Council has increased fines up to $4,000 for individuals found illegally dumping trash and other waste.

The new penalty structure, under city ordinance No. 4964, was voted on Oct. 26 and passed unanimously. The increased fines are part of a citywide cleanup effort focused on removing trash and debris from neighborhood hotspots in the City of Mission.

“Everyone deserves to live in a clean and inviting neighborhood and that’s why we’re focusing on removing trash dumped in public areas,” Mayor Dr. Armando O’Caña said. “We simply will not allow people to trash our neighborhoods and this new fine structure will deliver stiff penalties to anybody who thinks dumping their garbage on our street corners is acceptable.”

The City of Mission Municipal Code authorizes enforcement officials to issue administrative citations for violations, ranging from a warning and fines up to $4000, and penalties can be issued multiple times for new or ongoing prior violations at the same property.

“Our code enforcement officers are out in full force,” Planning Director Susie de Luna said. “By taking a more aggressive approach to eliminate illegal dumping in Mission neighborhoods and right-of-ways, this will support our efforts to keep our streets clean of unsightly debris.”

In addition to increased fines, code enforcement officers have teamed up with the Mission Police Department to step up patrols around known hotspots for illegal dumping. They have also installed cameras at several hotspots to help catch violators and are evaluating other locations. To report illegal dumping, please call 956-581-8477.