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Pet oxygen masks donated to Mission FD

Mission, TX- Mission firefighters are prepared to save four-legged family members thanks to a generous donation.  The Fetch Foundation, an Arizona-based nonprofit dedicated to saving animals, provided five “FIDO BAGs” to the Mission Firefighters Association Local 3609. The small red duffel bags, valued at $125, contain two oxygen masks – one small, one large – specially made to fit animal faces.

“We had an incident recently that was featured nationally on Live PD where our firefighters resuscitated a dog that was pulled out of a burning home. Our crew had to use the same oxygen masks that we use on people,” Fire Chief Gilbert Sanchez said. “Now that has changed. These duffel bags contain air masks made especially for pets, and that is great news for our citizens.” 

The bags contain other animal friendly first-aid supplies including burn sheets, saline, collapsible water dishes, bandages, and heavy-duty gloves most likely to be used in cat rescues. According to the FIDO Bag program’s website, an estimated half a million pets are affected by fires each year in the United States. More than 40,000 family pets die from smoke inhalation alone.