Mission Consolidated Independent School District

Preparing students for college, careers, and for life

Mission CISD is a recognized leader in college and career readiness in the Rio Grande Valley with a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of all students. Educational excellence is available to each student whose parents choose to send their children to a Mission CISD school. Our employees are committed to providing excellence in education in order to give each child the opportunity for success.

Mission CISD consists of roughly 41 square miles tucked along the Texas/Mexico border in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We serve about 16,000 students in the City of Mission and the neighboring communities of Alton and Palmhurst. The district employs about 2,300 people.  We have four high schools, four junior high schools (grades 6-8), 14 elementary schools (grades pk-5), a Newcomers Academy for recent immigrants in grades 2-5, and an alternative school to serve students considered to be at-risk. Our high schools consist of two traditional 4A schools, an Early College High School, and a non-traditional high school to give qualifying students a second chance at completing their requirements for a high school diploma.

Students have the opportunity to enroll in a challenging and rigorous curriculum that begins with our open enrollment pre-kinder programs.  Unique partnerships and programs with UTPA and STC help encourage our graduates to go on to some sort of post-secondary education. Our offerings include:

  • Gifted and Talented services
  • Advanced Placement programs
  • College courses and college credit
  • Professional certification programs
  • Students can earn a Certificate/Associate’s Degree
  • Rich variety of fine arts, sports, and extra-curricular clubs

A few things we are proud of:

  • Our high school completion rates are higher than state and regional averages*
  • Percentage of graduates enrolling in college increased 7 percentage points (2011)
  • 90% of seniors took a college entrance exam (compared to 63.4%-region, 62.6% state*)
  • We had state high school academic champions in Math, Number Sense, and Calculators
  • Junior high Math and Science students advanced to state competitions
  • High School Band, Choir and Drama students qualified for state competitions
  • Junior high bands earned sweepstakes awards and division one ratings
  • Our Career Technical Education Program student organizations advanced students to state and national competitions
  • 48 members of our high school classes of 2012 graduated with college certificates qualifying them for professional employment
  • DestiNation Imagination teams from elementary and junior high schools advanced to state competitions
  • District championship golf team and girls track team
  • Divers advanced to state competition
  • Regional qualifiers in golf, track, wrestling, swimming, cross country
  • Playoff appearances by teams in softball, soccer, baseball
  • District employees recognized for United Way support

*According to the most recent TEA data, 2011 AEIS Report

1201 Bryce Drive
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 580-5000

Alton Elementary School
205 N. Chicago
(5 Miles N. Conway, ¼ Mile East)
Alton, TX 78573
(956) 323-7600
Fax:  323-7617
Bryan Elementary School
1300 Elm St.
Mission, TX  78572
(956) 323-4800
Fax:  323-4819
Cantu Elementary School
920 W. Main Avenue
(5 Miles N. Conway, 1 Mile West)
Alton, TX  78573
(956) 323-7400
Fax:  323-7415
Castro Elementary School
200 South Mayberry
Mission, TX  78572
(956) 323-6800
Fax:  323-6818
Cavazos Elementary School
803 S. Los Ebanos Blvd.
(4 3/4 Mile Los Ebanos)
Alton, Texas  78573
(956) 323-7200
Fax:  323-7225
Escobar/Rios Elementary
3505 N. Trosper Rd.
Mission, TX  78574
956) 323-8400
Fax: 323-8480
Leal Elementary School
318 S. Los Ebanos Road
(1 Mile S. Los Ebanos Road)
Mission, TX  78572
(956) 323-4600
Fax:  323-4615
Marcell Elementary School
1101 N. Holland
Mission, TX  78572
(956) 323-6400
Fax:  323-6419
Midkiff Elementary School
4201 N. Mayberry
(SW corner of Mayberry/3 Mile)
Palmhurst, Texas  78573
(956) 323-7000
Fax: 323-7025
Mims Elementary School
200 E. Two Mile Road
Mission, TX  78574
(956) 323-4400
Fax:  323-4418
O’Grady Elementary School
810 W. Griffin Parkway
Mission, TX  78572
(956) 323-4200
Fax:  323-4220
Pearson Elementary School
315 Holland
Mission, TX  78572
(956) 323-4000
Fax:  323-4015
Salinas Elementary School
10820 N. Conway
Alton, TX  78573
(956) 323-6200
Fax: 323-6219
Waitz Elementary School
842 W. St. Francis
(4 Miles N. Holland)
Alton, TX  78573
(956) 323-6600
Fax:  323-6618
Newcomers Academy
315 Holland
Mission, TX  78572
(956) 323-4040
Fax:  323-4045

Secondary Schools

Mission High School
1802 Cleo Dawson
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 323-5700
Fax: 323-5890
Veterans Memorial High School
700 E. Two Mile Rd.
Mission, TX 78574
(956) 323-3000
Fax: 323-3280
Mission Collegiate High School
1802 Cleo Dawson (temporary site)
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 323-6120
Mission Options Academy
407 E. 3rd St.
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 323-3960
Alton Memorial Jr. High
521 S. Los Ebanos Blvd.
(SW corner of Los Ebanos & 5 Mile)
Alton, Texas 78573
(956) 323-5000
Fax: 323-5045
Cantu Jr. High School
5101 N. Stewart Rd.
Palmhurst, TX 78573
(956) 323-7800
Fax: 323-7880
Kenneth White Jr. High School
1101 W. Griffin Parkway
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 323-3600
Fax: 323-3632
Mission Junior High School
415 E. 14th St.
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 323-3300
Fax: 323-3338
Roosevelt Alternative School/TPAP
407 E. 3rd St.
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 323-3900
Fax: 323-3925